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Do you want your nose or ears piercing by an experienced, trained professional? All of our piercing is performed with sterile equipment in a private room. We offer a range of studs for you to choose from and our affordable prices includes free aftercare solution. It's a quick and easy process you needn't worry about and with our friendly team we will put you at ease knowing you're in safe hands.

We offer our piercing services for your nose, ear and cartilage (top of ear). Our earrings are either surgical steel or gold plated and you can choose from plain studs, shapes, birthstones and crystals. Our nose studs are titanium, which is completely allergy-free.

Fancy a piercing?

  • Nose piercing - £20

  • Ear piercing - £15 per ear

  • Cartilage piercing (top of ear) - £20

  • Choice of studs

  • Free aftercare solution

As well as a professional piercing service we also sell a range of merchandise including T-shirts, hats, keyrings, pens and much more.


Whether you have got the tattoo bug or you want to cover up an old tattoo, get your tattoo by someone who takes a real pride in their work.  For any enquiries or to book an appointment visit us or contact us today.

Professional piercing services in Leeds

Nose and ear piercing

Competitive prices

We also sell a range of merchandise

For more information, call us now:

0113 240 3412

Bring your piercing dreams to life and feel great. Piercings are a lasting fashion statement that can last a lifetime.

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